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At Bell&Ruev we believe that human capital is the most precious asset that a company can have, and one worth investing in to guarantee business continuity and success.

To help our clients in obtaining the maximum value and personal satisfaction from their people, we have developed specific Training Methodologies that cater from a diverse set of industries, business scenarios and cultures. We have developed Integrated Commercial Culture Training, Experience Learning and Cloud Coaching Methodology and for Luxury, Fashion and Sportswear clients a Shopping Experience Program aimed primarily at increasing profitability for retail businesses.

Integrated Commercial Culturewe develop a cohesive training package at a corporate level and deliver it on a global scale across different cultures and languages. We'll cross any language barrier when we get to it and help our clients unify and give cohesion to their sales management people. We currently can provide the same training programs in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin.

Experience Learning: we develop an experiential learning process where people learn by doing in a controlled, fun diverse environment. This setting fosters engagement, feedback and team building.

Cloud Coaching: we have developed the technological capability to work without physical barriers and impediments to provide specialized coaching in a cost-effective way.

Shopping Experience Program: for our clients that operate in the retail market we have developed highly specialised programs that enable Store Staff (from Manager to Sales Assistants) and Retail Management to obtain a higher profitability with the same effort and better satisfaction. Bell&Ruev is fully capable of multi-country missions and provides our clients with assessment, targeted advice, training programs and follow up for each area of improvement.

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