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Digital & Omnichannel

Bell&Ruev Digital Practice has implemented and innovated on our experience with the two key activities: Digital Readiness Assessment and Digital Support Services. These value-added services facilitate and support our Corporate Clients' decision making, analysis and organisational development activities that are affected by digital disruption and globalisation of business models.

We have advised and supported a range of diverse businesses, ranging from b2c clients whose business models have been disrupted by new consumer behaviours and new marketplaces to b2b clients who see a primary concern in workplace and process digitisation in order to achieve efficiency, cost saving and speed up innovation processes.

In addition, we have a vast experience in Omnichannel Transitioning, thus enabling clients who are already engaged and active in digital markets in transitioning to a more integrated, seamless and ultimately customer-friendly business model.

Our services are focused on:

Digital Readiness Assessment: we analyse and understand our clients' business model and its capability in a digitally enhanced marketplace. Our intervention can range from suggesting technology intervention, organisational assessment, training and hiring new skills from the market.

Digital Support Services: we support clients that are already operating online with specific intervention that are relevant to exploring new business models, overcoming competitors and modernising current practices with the best information from leading sectors.

Talent&Training: we plan, create and execute specific training strategies aimed at bringing up to speed key players within our clients' organisations to ensure that change is implemented and that objectives are met in a timely fashion.

Recruitment of Digital Professionals: we are constantly engaged in recruiting activities for the Digital world. Our unique insight on trends and Companies enable us to investigate and anticipate where to find cutting edge talent, and to approach the right people.

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